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High-purity industrial silicon + high-purity crystalline silicon

High-purity industrial silicon

Industrial silicon, also known as silicon metal, is a silicon element smelted in the ore furnace with silica and carbonaceous reducing agent, with the main component as silicon element of about 98%, and is a main raw material of PV crystalline silicon.

In April 2022, Shangji Automation invested in creating a production line of “high-purity industrial silicon + high-purity crystalline silicon” with advanced global technology, low comprehensive energy consumption and excellent quality, which will be completed and put into operation in 2023.

Advanced “high-temperature denitration” eco-friendly technology will be adopted in production process, significantly reducing nitrogen oxide emissions, superior than environmental protection index requirements of the state and autonomous regions, ahead of peer companies.

In the meantime, regarding electric power that accounts for the highest proportion of industrial silicon production cost, the project will be powered by 60% “green electricity”, reducing the total energy consumption index.

  • “High-temperature denitration” technology, greener and more eco-friendly
  • 60% “green electricity” power supply production, reducing the total energy consumption index